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October 30, 2011


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Amelia Coffen

Hi Sara - please put is down for a gallon when your lovely olive oil arrives in the UK - thanks! Amelia XXX

Sara Sinaguglia

Yep Amelia, I'll let you know as soon as it arrives! xxx


What a lovely vignette, Sara! Is the olive-picking hard on your hands? Do you have to use secateurs or just bare fingers? Do they leave the tree with ease or do you need to apply some force? Here in Blighty, and out in the uncultivated hedgerows, I've been trying to pick rosehips and have been dismayed by their unwillingness to depart from the parent plant. Definitely a job for a cutting implement.

I just happened to be reading about olive trees yesterday in Margaret Visser's 25-year-old book, Much Depends on Dinner. It had never occurred to me that olive trees hug the Mediterranean coastline, not surviving more than 40 miles from the sea; this gave rise to a widespread belief that they depended in some way on sea-water, but it's actually the mildness of the maritime climate which they need to thrive.

And I didn't know that olive trees are cousins of privet, jasmine and lilac, other members of the Olea family. Isn't that an odd thought?

I'd put in a request for some of your delicious oil (name your price!), but assume all is spoken for. I'll bet it is stunning. Enjoy!

Sara S

Oh Eirlys, your words always brighten my day! No the harvest isn't too tough on the hands. We hold the branch in one hand and using a wide tooth comb pluck the olives on to the nets beneath our feet (the trees are usually happy to yield their fruit come October). The leaves are dry and waxy, but thanks to a few crushed olives on the nets, our hands feel softer than ever by the end of the harvest! And as soon as the oil arrives, I'll pop your name on a bottle - I know you'll love it! x

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