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January 18, 2013


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Hi Sara,
You have been so busy and what a lovely outcome. I would love a copy of the bookmark pattern and please could you let me know what stitch you used to crochet the squares together?
Really enjoy your column in Inside Crochet.

Sara Sinaguglia

Hi Angela,
I think I get extra busy with crochet when I'm trying to take my mind of other things! I'll get the bookmark pattern up later today, so pleased you like it. Basically, with the grannies, I crochet the first three rounds as normal, then the fourth, rather than doing 1 chain between each of the groups of 3 trebles, I do a dc into the 1ch on the adjoining granny. At the corners, do your 3tr, 1 ch, 1dc joining to the adjacent corner, 1ch and then second group of 3tr into same corner. Hope that makes sense?! Will take some photos of the next one I do and post them - always easier to 'see' it being done xxx

Sara Sinaguglia

ps. Angela - where I'm joining a smaller square to a larger one, I do the dc into the adjacent stitch on the adjoining square, can be a chain, but can be the top of one of the trebles!


Sara, the bookmarks are so pretty! I'm currently working on a granny square cushion cover, and needing 49 squares, I am so glad I'm joining as I go ;-)
Sarah x

Sara Sinaguglia

Oh Sarah, so wise for one so young ;-) Joining as you go is a complete revelation, feeling quite liberated by the lack of granny stack! Can't wait to see the cushion cover S x

Penny L

Sara, your use of colour is always so beautiful. The bookmarks are lovely so when you have time ! Please do put the pattern up. Thanks Pennyx


Hi Sara,
I'd wear the cowl myself its lovely, very pretty shades, loving the assorted sizes and yarns of your granny squares, would love the pattern for the bookmarks, they are fab too. I don't have a blog or post any pics at the moment.
Rachel x

Sara Sinaguglia

Thank you Penny, and yes, will get the bookmark pattern up asap - it is really simple and you can use up any scraps of yarn S x

Sara Sinaguglia

Hi Rachel, wish I could tempt you to post pics of your makes! The cowl was super snuggly too, the colours in the hand-spun yarns were gorgeous, I might just have enough left to make one more - just need to find something to mix them with, grey all gone! S x


Hi Sara,
Thank you for your response. Looking forward to seeing the post for the bookmark. I think the process for joining the granny squares will make more sense when I try it out. A x

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