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July 12, 2014


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It's tough isn't it?! I'm looking at going back to teaching but instead of secondary history, I'm going to go down the primary route. I've been doing supply and ta work in my daughter's school and am loving it, but it's still exhausting! x

mrs robinson

Gosh, I couldn't have maintained a blog during teacher training! It is tiring, but oh so worth it. And really, it will get easier as you get the chance and confidence to become the teacher you want to be. Good luck! And enjoy the summer...

Alison Morris

Help! I bought this because I particularly liked the Lacy Scarf pattern BUT I'm really struggling with the first two lines (and I see from Ravelry that others have had the same problem). Am I reading the pattern incorrectly, or should I be chaining a different number for the starting chain. It says to chain 100, but the Foundation row appears to require multiples of 15, which would be either 90 or 105. (I wondered if perhaps I should start the foundation row by chaining 5 as a turning chain and then to start the *2tr etc at the 6th chain from the hook?) My other suggestion would be for your publishers - it's a beautiful book, but it would have benefitted from some sort of contact at the end for people to notify errors or clarifications to patterns.


Hi Alison, I agree, it would be fab for the book to have direction for readers to 'pattern updates', unfortunately the publishing world moves very quickly and my book is a distant memory! However, as and when lovely readers like yourself contact me, I review the patterns (which were edited several times, but errors still occur!) and post udates on the blog under 'pattern updates' in the left hand bar. The update for the scarf is there, but just in case, here it is:
pg. 134
Lacy Scarf (thanks to Liz in Dorset)
Row 1 3 ch, * 2tr, work 2 tr, 1 ch, 2 tr into each of next two 1-ch spaces....
Row 2 3 ch, * 2tr, work 2 tr, 1 ch, 2 tr into each of next two 1-ch spaces....
Just ignore the '2 tr' at the beginning of each row. When I first wrote the pattern I said to work the 2 tr, 1 ch, 2 tr into the 1-ch space between the first 2 tr, which is where this extra 2 tr comes from! As my patterns were edited and refined, my flowery style condensed, most of my superfluous crochet speak disappeared, but on this occasion an extra 2 tr snuck back in! Row 4 is spot on.

Hope this helps, if not, let me know! If you look at the actual blog post it is clearer with coloured text, I think!
Good luck, Sara x
ps. I'm quite envious, I haven't had time to pick up a crochet hook in 2 years!

Alison Morris

Many thanks for such a quick and helpful reply - off to try again now :-)

I know what you mean about finding the time though - it always takes me a very long time to finish anything because life just gets in the way!

Alison Morris

Oh dear - it's actually the foundation row I'm stuck in... I have 100 chains; I skip 5 at the beginning, the end section is over 11 chains making 16 but the pattern repeat is over 15 chains. I'm sure I must be misreading something somewhere, but I'm not sure what!

Alison Morris

Ignore me - I've realised what I was doing wrong! I was doing the first 2 tr into a chain each instead of doing the whole of the first group into one chain - so sorry to bother you with my stupidity!

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